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tube demonstration technical basics


The author of this document is an amateur, not a professional. The information provided in this document should be interpreted with this distinction clearly in mind. The author hereby disclaim any liability for injury to persons or property that may result due to the construction and use of Tesla coils and other high voltage apparatus. This document is for informational purposes only, and makes no claims to its completeness or accuracy. While some of the dangers associated with the construction and the use of Tesla coils have been pointed out in this document, other potential hazards may exist. Tesla coils are inherently very dangerous devices and should only be constructed and operated by individuals familiar enough with these dangers!
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The authors of this page are Karola Scheidig and Hardy Scheidig.

The information on this page concerns science and technology particular in the field of electrical engineering. Main Topics are:
· Electronic tubes (Valves)
· Experiments
· Tesla Coils
· High Voltage
· Measurement of electrical Parameters

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Hardy Scheidig and Karola Scheidig


ATTENTION, experimenting with high voltage is lethal!
Superstructures and experiments represented here were manufactured by expert persons and accomplished under strict attention by safety precautions.
They serve excluding the illustration and demonstration of electrotechnical connections and are not intended not for reproduction and imitation.
Any adhesion with imitation of superstructures and experiments is impossible.

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