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ATTENTION, experiments with high voltage are very dangerous!!

The Influence Machine is a historical device for generating high voltage.
Operation principle
In the past the Influence Machine was used not only for experiments or demonstrations. It was used also in medical practice e.g. in order to generate high voltage for x-ray tubes.
(See: Demonstration of X-Ray tubes)
The experiment "Influence Machine and X-Ray Tube" shows, that it is possible to generate the high voltage for the x-ray tube "by hand". A further experiment shows , that the high voltage generated by an Influence Machine is even powerful enough to cause a common vacuum tube to radiate.
Be careful ! High Voltage and vacuum tubes = x-ray = twice dangerous !

Experiment: Influence Machine and X-Ray Tube

It is the goal of this experiment, to use an Influence Machine as high voltage power supply for a x-ray tube.

Influence Machine and X-Ray Tube

A "gas ion x-ray tube" is connected to a small Influence Machine. The Influence Machine is driven by means of a simple crank handle. When the number of revolutions per minute is big enough, the x-ray tube ignites. The Geiger counter clicks faster which indicates x-ray radiation.

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Experiment: Influence Machine and Vacuum Tube (Transmitting Tube SRS326)

This experiment demonstrates, that common vacuum tubes can be caused to emit x-ray's even if the high voltage power supply is just a small Influence Machine.

Influence Machine and Vacuum Tube

If there are two electrodes mounted within a vacuum tube and a high voltage power supply is connected, it is possible to cause a current flow by means of pure field emission. Field Emission denotes the emission of electrons from metallic surface due to the presence of a high electric field. Simply said, the force of the electric field is strong enough to pull some electrons out of the electrode. This electrons are accelerated by the electric field until they strike the other electrode which causes x-ray radiation. The transmitting tube SRS326 is used exemplary. The SRS326 is well suited for this purpose, because of the high distance of its connectors. The distance is high enough to prevent spark discharge outside the vacuum tube. When the tube is connected and the Influence Machine starts operation, x-rays are emitted . Beside the simple Geiger Counter an other radiation detector (radiation meter) is used to measure the radiation. The radiation meter indicates radiation above 7 ÁSv/h. This is approx. 40 - 50 times more than background radiation.

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