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download area: TickyFMeas Install Instructions

TickyFMeas is a program zur Messung der Frequenz mittels Computer und Soundkarte.
See TickyFMeas description


  • Execute TickyFMeas_install_vxxx.exe .
  • The installation window is displayed:

  • Follow the installation instruction via "Next" or rather "Install". The installation can be canceled with "Cancel".
    You can select a directory where you want the files copied to and you can create a link to program start or rather desktop.

  • After that you will have a file structure looking similar to what figure below shows

  • Now you can execute "TickyFMeas.exe" directly or you can use the links from program start or rather destop.
  • Remove Installation:

  • Start the "Uninstall.exe" from directory.
  • Following deinstallation window appears: Attention, choose "Delete all files" and all user data are deleted to!

  • The deinstallation is finished after pressing "Close"

  • Download Mikrocontroller hex File:
    Unter "Download hex file" wird hex file für den Microcontroller ATMega88 angeboten. Mehr Informationen können unter dem Projekt Predivider entnommen werden.