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The descriptions can be loaded as pdf documents. The former versions of the programms also.

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SSTC (Solid State Tesla Coil) Analyzer
Go to: Sstc Analyzer current Version 1.7
RLC Measurement: LCMeas
Go to: LcMeas
current Version 1.5
RLC Measurement
Inductance, Capacitance and Frequency Response Measurement TickyVNA (LcMeas2)
Go to: TickyVNA (LcMeas2)
current Version 2.4
Version 2.3 vom 03.07.2011
Version 2.2 vom 05.12.2010
Version 2.0 vom 25.09.2010
Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope SpekOszi
Go to: SpekOszi
current Version 2.11
Frequency Measurement TickyFMeas
Go to: TickyFMeas
current Version 1.5
Pseudo Noise (PRBS) Generator
current Version 1.0